you like me! you really like me!

It is safe to say that I am grateful for my blog readers.  ALL 3 OF YOU!

So you may appreciate this story. 

I count on the fact that I am not being read or observed, so i was surprised to find two likes on a typically dark post.  I investigated two unknown but genteel fellow bloggers.  Why would they like my dark and depressing little blog?

I checked out one of the blogs and discovered that my liker also liked a lot of other bloggers and they were all as happy about the mutual liking as I was.  Only I imagine none of the others were writing about barely clinging to their sanity as they tilted the windmills of public inertia over child abuse.

Hm.  So here’s my theory.  I think some people have found a brililiant strategy to find more cyber readers.  Tell them you like them!!

I want all three of you to know that I don’t just like you:

I love you.  I really love you.

And yes, Sally, we did really like you…


6 thoughts on “you like me! you really like me!

  1. It’s 3:30 a.m. and I have a horrible cold. What else would one do in this case, but start searching blogs for interesting writing. I stumbled onto yours, and was intrigued enough to keep looking. Your writing makes me tilt my head sideways (which is always a good thing, in my book). I think you probably have a very difficult, sad, dark story, which made my heart heavy for you. But I see that you also have Jesus. That made my heart feel better. Anyway…just wanted you to know that I find your writing and your story interesting.

    • Your comments mean a lot to me. We live in a 5 second world and I often write late at night, so sympathies on the cold!

      Jesus is all that matters. He so often keeps me from wandering too far from his level gaze, his infinite love.

      Thank you…

      And will be praying for the cold

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