My brief war with a chicken and keeping off the dogs

I was at a friend’s house and she had some chickens. Cute. Free range. But the neighboring chickens were not just cute and free range, they were aggressive.

One attacked my friend’s chicken. I reached for the back wing of the aggressive chicken and pulled it away from it’s prey.

Not a big deal, a quick calculation of size and risk. I was pretty sure I could take the chicken.

I don’t like guns and wars are nightmarish. But there are times when it is criminal to stand by and do nothing while Rwanda or Mali burns.

I learned this from history.

I lived in Germany as a child, Panama as a teen, Asia–all places deeply influenced by conflict and injustice.

I would say the best way to stop war is for the individual in society to advocate for the civil rights of each individual–children, victims of crime, the hungry.

But we don’t
Long before someone puts a gun in our hands and tells us we have to fight
We are chicken.

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