Frog Boils

For years now I have refrained from using the creepy and depressing frog in a pot of water analogy because I had been told it was not true.

Turns out it may be true. It could be true in the following ways:

1. The frog has been mentally or physically disabled. A brained frog or a frog with broken limbs will or can’t jump. Hardly proves anything beyond extreme cruelty.

2. The water is heated extremely slowly.

The “successful” experiments for this story were conducted by “scientists” in the 1800s. The quotation marks indicate my personal distaste for this kind of experiment. What normal person boils frogs in the name of science?!

The unfortunate truth: amphibians now have more advocates than babies. Imagine what PETA would do if NIH started boiling frogs.

But the children born as the result of incompetent abortionists (here I resist the quotes but must ask you to dwell on exactly what a successful abortionist does) are targets for medical murder.

Not only have abortion clinics been quietly snuffing out human life for years, now Planned Parenthood (recipient of tax funds) is openly advocating extending abortion to live human babies.

Who needs frogs when you can experiment on humans instead? Are you feeling cozy and warm in that pot? Check your limbs, check your cerebral cortex, and then find a way to jump. ‘Cause things are getting hotter here. One degree at a time.

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