Surviving RAD–so far

I don’t mind saying it–some of my biggest heroes are the fostering and adopting parents of attachment disorder kids.

RAD is the nightmare consequence of leaving a baby without physical and emotional nurture. It is a scary mix of pathological thinking and behavior.

It deserves to be a household word, but it is not.

RAD is preventable–babies need the security of physical and emotional caregiving. They need to know that when they cry someone will respond to their needs. They need to know love.

If they do not get that love and security their brain functions and emotional wiring gets pretty messed up.

Scary messed up.
Impossibly tangled.

Recently Reuters and other news sources have focused on the rise of an informal networks developed to help adoptive parents with disrupted adoptions–many because of RAD.

I have read the installments with a grim empathy…for the parents…

As the adoptive mother of two RAD kids, I know exactly what drives well-intentioned parents to abandon fheir kids.

After reading this article I am deeply grateful we all survived.

So far…

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