Wherefore Art Thou Wendy Davis?

After reading the usual raft of data on Ms. Davis’ confusion on the details of her own life story I went to the great oracle: Wikipedia.

An interesting read.

Back when she was fighting tooth-and-designer-trainers for Texas gals’ rights to terminate late-term babies Ms. Davis grabbed the podium with this narrative:

single mom
Shoe-string Harvard grad
Teen divorcee.

Turns out none of that is true.

She divorced her first husband when she was 21.

Her second husband funded her education and went into debt to send her to school.

He also picked up the slack on caring for the kids.

So much so that when they divorced he got full custody and she paid child support.

Wendy Davis–bringing new meaning to that old Texas assessment:

All hat, no cattle

…but those running shoes are spiffy.

Please, Wendy, do Texas a favor and run somewhere else.

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