Phillip Hoffman…Phillip Seymour Hoffman

It was just about grief, when I sat in the dark car in my driveway listening to his voice.

He had a wonderful voice.

He played ordinary men well.

And I, as a human on this planet, will miss him being on this planet.

But not as much as those who needed him.

Which is why I say this–of course he was a consummate actor…


… until the Heath Ledger and Phillip Seymour Hoffman stories are moneyballed for why?

Why do talented (famous…rich) young men kill themselves with dangerous drugs and too fast cars?

Then I will say it–better for his partner, his children, his mother if he had been an ordinary man with an ordinary job and no bags of death hidden in his apartment.

We will miss his acting, do we have the guts to admit he would have been safer as a plumber or a high school English teacher?

Do we dare?

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