Harvesting Babies

I finally watched the Planned Parenthood video wherein practitioners of abortion swap methods of harvesting babies (for scientific purposes, of course).


I had to look up “dig”–which is short for inducing a fatal heart attack in a doomed fetus–order to circumvent laws against partial-birth abortion.

The central lie of the abortion industry all these years was the right of women to conspire with their “healthcare providers” to rid themselves of “globs of tissue.”

Never mind that this has always been a well-documented fiction.

The “globs of tissue” were always our children.

Living. Breathing. Viable. Babies.

The numbers for these dead children are now in the tens of millions–a whole country of dead children.  Some now so long dead that if their mothers had chosen to allow them life, they would now be old enough to govern their own country.

It goes without saying abortion would not be legal there.

But there is this as well–the video of the nice Texas ladies obligingly discussing delivering doomed fetuses “spine first” so as to better serve the researchers who wait to buy their stem cells, severed spines and all–puts the lie to more than just the glob theory.

They prove these little ones have always been whole, alive, human.

They also prove we no longer are. If we were we would feel the necessary pain associated with the medical extermination of our own children.

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