The Comfort Machine

by then their civilization had evolved to ruthless efficiency

Injustice and oppression had been outsourced to less developed countries

Leaving them only to

Eradicate grief

They tried all the usual suspects–

Hot tea, warm milk, kittens

Yet the mothers still grieved

So “They”

Invited the white coats to come

Put their heads together,

build the perfect

Comfort machine.

It worked of course, they were prone not to failure

As they stood at the scene of each tragedy

Bystanders on the side

…the Comfort Machine churned out its magic

Combed out the violence

scrubbed the murder

Bleached out the violation

Unthreaded both deceit and apathy 

Established a perimeter of fire

Around self-preservation

Passed a final round of shots

Among the dignitaries-

Bone bourbon, tequila, absinthe

They murmured in approval the way a barkeep might shout

Last call

As the music continued to pulse hard and fast through the crowd

Everyone turned 

To the mothers for some final sign it had worked

As the Comfort Machine idled and purred

Over the still deafening sound 

Of silenced hearts

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