The power of words

I have been working through the power of two ordinary words–insubstantial and last.

Sometimes the forms we use to write can seem arbitrary or essential–poetry might be either feint or love song, prose the empassioned plea or the ordinary transmission of thought.

So to have two words with such strong ties to poetry and be stuck in prose seems remedial.

Remedial.  Another place to dwell in the in-between.

Last is powerful.

Last supper

Lasting love

It is either the end or the enduring.

While insubstantial could be a sum of cash, a minor wound, a flimsy shelter in the wind.

Or it could be the kite by which we see the strength of wind.

The papery thin construction of human meaning.

The space of a commercial on tv.

I will still abide with these two words, still puzzle over their highest use.

Prose until I can adequately distill ordinary nourishers into

…strong drink.

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