The substance of things

She had been out of radio contact for awhile so I was glad when she called
She was in the hospital for all the usual stuff
I worry about the baby.

Give her my usual (inadequate) pep talks


There are so many kinds of prayer–which we must remember, means talking to God.

There is easy prayer
Otherwise known as grace
There is harder prayer
Which involves some level of suspense
Like when will the baby or rain

And then there is the prayer you pray for a child lost at sea.

This prayer is only possible with miracles and men rising from the dead

It starts with a profession of faith
Something like…no one could do this but You

You are a God of miracles…

Or (I admit)
God I have no idea whatsoever how you could do this but You can, only you can..

This last prayer is always a life and death matter

2 thoughts on “The substance of things

  1. What can be done? Anyone to help? Any organizations, others? Constant monitoring with the intent to support? Who, what, when, where, how? Lord knows we all need lots of help as parents, even if we enter into the endeavor with wisdom, a partner, supportive relatives, friends as good role models :), financial resources, and our health.

    • I have a merry-go-round of those questions It is like watching a train wreck She told me she was excited to go to a counseling session and then the appointment was cancelled.

      So, yeh, I pray…

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