Survivor speaks out

we are riding in the car
And she tells me
Mom, sometimes I tell myself
This hurts so much
What he did–
Being sexually abused–
Hurts so much
I cry
It hurts everyday
I can’t imagine how much worse
It is for the other kids
Who told
And no one did anything
No one helped them

I have you

2 thoughts on “Survivor speaks out

  1. E, if I ever learn something like this about someone I know, I am going to come to you for help. Can I say that on this post? You Lees seem to have your heads screwed on right.

    • I hope you never have to but Yes! Use my story shamelessly and give out my info as well. It gives me a sense of meaning to say–here, this is how we survived

      So important to be open with and advocate for children

      And thanks… Love B

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