Romney and Obama

So I don’t plan to vote. I have voted in every election since 1988, but this year I doubt I will. What is the point?

In the last election Matt Damon disparaged Sarah Palin’s faith. I am not her biggest fan, but I thought–wow, Matt is speaking his mind about beliefs that have been widely shared by billions for 2000 years.

This election cycle I keep wishing Matt would mouth off about Romney. Heck, I wish Ryan would mouth off about him.

Joseph Smith?! Polygamy? Child brides? A core belief system that has nothing in common with Christian theology. Yet everyone is quiet. Eerily so.

Please, somebody else tell me they are worried about the POTUS-candidate who believes if he plays his metaphysical cards right he will be god of his own world?

And yet I give him credit for driving hard toward the presidency with his wacky beliefs intact. I have watched the smooth and regal president for 5 years now. And I can’t say I know if he has faith in any Being higher than himself.

11 thoughts on “Romney and Obama

  1. You shouldn’t decide to not vote simply because Romney is Mormon. There is too much at stake. The fact is we cannot afford 4 more years of the current administration. The country will fall through the bottom. Faith does not always guide every policy decision. We need a person with good business sense and strategies for the country, that is something that Romney has, that is why you should vote. It is your duty as an American to vote.

    • You are absolutely right. That is why I said I have voted in every election since I turned 18–including midterms.

      I contacted dem and republican reps about a local issue concerning keeping children safe from sexual abuse. You know what they all said? Not their issue.

      Until the elected representatives of my state care as much about children’s civil protections as money or political power, they do not deserve my vote.

      Our political system is morally bankrupt

      • And the National Election? And I’m sure your representative said something a little more than you are releasing.

  2. Obama says he is a Christian. But think also: what is it that makes for a good president? A good doctor? A good parent? A good teacher? Or a good anything? There are values that are shared across belief systems and across believers and non-believers. Faith probably shouldn’t be the “litmus test” for any particular role. It’s a false one, as I suspect it correlates with exactly nothing. Integrity, respect for human dignity, helping those in need, specificity, clarity, wordly and domestic mission, intelligence, and all that, sure.

    • I disagree with many of Obama’s policies and spending sprees but find him charismatic and likable Actually would have more respect for him if he were honest about his lack of faith. Don’t think he really is a believer

      • a) Why do you say he is not a believer?
        b) Why it important that he be one? (Or is it just important that he have an extended discussion about his personal theology or faith perspective?)

        Believers and non-believers are capable of excellent and terrible things, both.

      • I am fine with him being an atheist, Moslem whatever

        Dislike his “using” Christ when he does not seem to have a real relationship with him

        Gerald Ford was a believer but he refused to pimp his faith
        Lost the election.

        Not an Romney fan but would prefer an open dialogue about jos smith than pretending it ain’t crazy

  3. I getcha. I think Obama is a church goer and a believer. But I also suppose he’d be perfectly happy to keep his faith or religion to himself. However, he’s been put on the defensive for so many ridiculous accusations (not American, a Muslim, and that’s just the beginning) that I don’t think he can in any way be able to engage in a thoughtful discourse about belief, skepticism, faith, god, or anything of that matter without it being spun out of control by the politically organized religious right (who don’t care for him or his politics at all). There is no room for nuance or honesty in religion when it comes to politics, unfortunately. Red hot, dangerous. Really too bad.

  4. Ha. 🙂 Do you like how you have two very politically opinionated people suggesting different candidates would be “the best one?” So it goes, America! One of Gemma’s favorite bedtime songs is “This land is your land, this land is my land…” is that an Arlo Guthrie song? Love it.

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