Romney and Obama

So I don’t plan to vote. I have voted in every election since 1988, but this year I doubt I will. What is the point?

In the last election Matt Damon disparaged Sarah Palin’s faith. I am not her biggest fan, but I thought–wow, Matt is speaking his mind about beliefs that have been widely shared by billions for 2000 years.

This election cycle I keep wishing Matt would mouth off about Romney. Heck, I wish Ryan would mouth off about him.

Joseph Smith?! Polygamy? Child brides? A core belief system that has nothing in common with Christian theology. Yet everyone is quiet. Eerily so.

Please, somebody else tell me they are worried about the POTUS-candidate who believes if he plays his metaphysical cards right he will be god of his own world?

And yet I give him credit for driving hard toward the presidency with his wacky beliefs intact. I have watched the smooth and regal president for 5 years now. And I can’t say I know if he has faith in any Being higher than himself.