Aliahne’s babysitter

My heart is broken by the brutal death of a little girl who had already been the victim of sexual assault.  However I am angered by two ideas folded into HER TRAGIC AND AVOIDABLE murder.  Once again the justice system had identified this man as a predator but NOT ENOUGH was done to protect children.

The second idea is more appalling.  when I have looked at articles about this story it seemed unusual that the tags were “troubled girl with problems”  austensibly just because of poverty related proximity to sexual predators and a previous case of sexual victimization–the description of her which strkes me as offensive.

She is a child murder victim not “damaged goods.”

But then I am crazy enough to think drug dealers should be prosecuted for crimes against other drug dealers, DSK should have been prosecuted for attacking a chambermaid even if she had nefarious friends and we should not protect criminals instead of children.

We recently ended our association with a community group because a man who visits the group meetings confessed to viewing violent child pornography and the group has done nothing to pressure the man to get psych help or limit his access to children.  I can’t get past the offensiveness of unreported child pornography.

I just met a woman from the group who defended the man by arguing that he is pursuing a career in the health sciences.  She told me he must be okay precisely because he still attends the group and the leaders have done nothing.


Apparently I am not good with titles, posts, or the internet…

yes, I admit it.  I should not write sleep deprived posts.  So I have to just get this out there==

I expect this blog to be visited less than the IRS fanboy site.

I will probably be too lazy to fix my typos so the blog will look like my amanuensis is a chihuahua using dragon software (after all, on the internet no one knows you are a dog…


And I suspect I am once again in a lonely community–


where are the IRS fanboys when you need a laugh?

Jay said that since the book was serious I should write a funny one nexr time.  I don’t think this is possible.  But this is the closest I get–

Recently a bar owner in SD was arrested for giving alcohol to minors and raping them.  He was let out on a ridiculously small cash bond.  The good police did their first ever inspection of this guy’s bar a week later and found 11 minors drinking alcohol!  Now the town has scheduled a public meeting to decide whether to suspend the guy’s liquor license!!

See, not really funny without the violent hand waving and escalatng use of exclamation points to indicate–ARE THEY CRAZY????

At which point I would ask very quietly why they let him out in the first place–answer


Second example of my tone deaf humor.

When I was trying to stay away from Sea for my mental equilibrium I was still just as worried about him reoffending.  I told Jay that what I really wanted was to fix the problem entirely.

When we were younger we had a dog fixed by a vet named Dr. No.  He worked out of a storefront and the whole thing seemed a little, um, fly by night?  But the dog did fine and stopped jumping the fence to see his ladyfriends.  So I told Jay I was struggling with wanting to find Dr. No and see if he could do anything for Sea.

I said we could do a bait and switch with ball bearings.

We both agreed that that is one way to prevent further damage and bell the cat.


See.  not funny…

Hello world!

When I beat myself up over what Sea did I think of a scene from the movie Awakenings.  Robert De Niro is starting to exhibit symptoms of his problem again.  He grabs a camera and trains it on himself and tells his doctor, “learn from me!”