September Girl

Cassandra’s foster mother once told me that all children have a birthing story. With each parent–biological, foster, adoptive.

I held onto her words when things were hard with M and C. They often were. so much so that I doubted myself until the day I met you–September 22nd, 1997. You were only a couple weeks old–tiny and perfect–and I loved the feeling of complete safety in the NICU.

They trained me in infant CPR and how to use your apnea monitor. Then I took you home. From the moment I met you I loved you. Perfect and wonderful and entirely lovable.

So grateful for you, no matter how unbearable it would be later to lose you.

Splitting Hairs, Not the moon

Information about Adnan Syed’s last appeal suggest that one of the central points of the appeal is that he wanted to cop a plea.

A plea bargain (had it been solicited or offered) would have required Adnan to admit in court, under oath, that he had killed Hae Min Lee.

He would have plead guilty to a reduced charge (like 2nd degree murder, perhaps) and in exchange he would have received a reduced sentence.

No SK. No Serial. No lingering questions.

And no justice for Hae, her broken family, her community, peers, and loved ones.

So when the most truculent and vociferous proponents of the “Free Adnan” movement speak exclusively of the collateral damage to Adnan and his supports, I have to wonder if they have lost sight of the heart of this story–the agony of a lost daughter, a lost girl, a broken-hearted family, and the physical reality of a young woman brutalized and murdered.

I would ask these people how can the bay and croon over a man accused of murder and stay so conspicuously indifferent to the real and only true victim in this story–Hae Min Lee.