The Kingdom of Heaven Matthew 18

I was standing in trampoline gym asking Melanie what she wanted to do next for her birthday.  Some sort of shopping? I went down the usual list which for us is more treasure hunting, less mall cruising.  A girl about Melanie’s age started whispering theatrically in our direction.  I thought about the five to ten visible/audible reasons she could be pointing at us.  Then I figured our real story was even worse than what she could see.  Then I thanked God for Oscar Wilde.

And Jesus of course…

Praying for KP


Melanie writes a story.  It is a simply constructed “fairy tale” about a family fighting abuse.  I am again impressed with the power of writing to help us to process evil as well as good and how important it is that she be allowed to express her voice and gain power over what has happened to her

em said

Em said she found herself crying over a lost comb. She sounded bemused. I told her that we all have the same problem. Because of what Sea did the hurt is too big and we carry it around. Small issues of loss or conflict trigger outpourings of grief.