Someone cares (for your stick figure family)

I saw a bumper sticker the other day which said “no one cares about your stick figure family.”

The message seemed particularly pointed and I have pondered it in it’s untruth.

We do live in a difficult and fragile world full of perils and violence and uncertainty. But Someone actually cares quite a lot for each of our stick figure family.


The burning paper ceremony

Ghosts should be

From the future—50 something you visits little girl you and tells her one day

You will be burning

Years of unopened letters (mostly official but some personal) all while the

The alarmist cock crows

Hey, you, I would say, look at these people

You will have a tribe

And this tribe you will have will

More than

Make up for the pain

What would you paste to doors of cathedrals?

Over a year ago we found out that a family we knew had been devastated when they discovered that their child had been the victim of rape at the hands of a former MLB pitcher.

The rapes were recorded and shared. There is strong anecdotal evidence that other children were harmed this way as well.

The local police bullied and intimidated the victim, made no arrest, and closed the case.

As did CPS.

The FBI ignored requests for help as did the office of DPS and the Texas Rangers.

Oh, and President Biden too.

I have begun to think about Martin Luther and letters pasted on the walls and doors of cathedrals.

What would you say or do if you were haunted by the damage done to one child? Dozens?