5 a day

Last April I made a commitment to write about child abuse every day in remembrance of National Child Abuse Prevention Month. It was spiritually and emotionally painful.

This year I have committed to write about recovery. I don’t think most kids have happy, stress-free childhoods, but some experience more grief and trauma than others.

And then there are the five each day.

In the United States of America 5 children die each day from the fatal effects of child abuse. Beautiful little children like Toryn Buckman.

Imagine if it were 5 celebrities, 5 soccer moms, 5 athletes, 5 politicians. Any other group of people in this country gets killed off in groups of five or more a day and we would have a national crisis. It would be national news. It would be a scandal. Advocates would call for change.

But not children. Children in our country are second-class citizens. They have no voice. We have to be their voices.

When I contacted elected officials and bureaucrats to ask them to assist abused children to a man they said the same thing–this is not my issue.

Is it yours?

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