The parable of the lost…iPad?!

I went on a trip today. God took care of everything. He got us to the airport(s). He got us to and from planes. He let little ones play when they should and sleep when they should.

I praised and thanked Him for each step of a blessed and safe journey. Sure there were some scary times, some kids with spring coughs. Even some upset stomachs. They were troopers.

I doubt my kids noticed the consternation on some people’s faces–so many kids!!! Young! What if they cry? They did not. They were amazing.


We left an iPad at the airport….we think. Coulda been car rental? But no, we figure it was Dallas. That is a big airport. But we figure we left it in the waiting area of C terminal, Gate 37? That is what we think.

It is a pretty beat up iPad and there is a reward for it’s return. So let me know if you find it.

I love it because it has stuff on it that matters–my children’s stories and pictures. But make no mistake–I would rather have the children. I can live without the iPad. But if I lost my kids it would break my heart.

I know this because I have already lost a few.

Don’t wanna lose anymore. In fact I have a crazy idea that the ones that have slipped away will one day return.

Isaiah 49

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