Slaughterhouse Delicacy

So. I gather from social media there is a trial going on.

Kermit Gosnell and his employees are on trial for a variety of interesting (and thoroughly ghoulish) crimes. What has struck most of us is how quiet this story is. Really? Obama’s taxes are more news-worthy than butchering live babies for profit?

I tracked down one late-breaking article and was amazed by the delicacy of the description. These people were in the business of murdering viable babies and the language is confined to the equivalent of an embroidery lesson. Snip? Snip what, pray tell?

Poor little ones. Even now their squalid murders are treated with a subtle linguistic delicacy. You may be sure their deaths were anything but a sewing lesson.

The article exonerates the employees of this “clinic” by claiming they could not find other jobs. I am positive that was a defense in post-war Europe. What to do when only Auschwitz is hiring?

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