Mike Pence and mysogyny accusations 

Just the day before the 2016 presidential election I told my friends  I feared that this election was like two toddlers fighting over a single ice cream cone.  The loser was going to fuss.

This has proved true beyond my wildest imagination.  And since 80 percent of the national press was unabashedly on Clinton’s side of the ice cream fight, the tantrum that has ensued has been both instructive and embarrassing–watching grownups with real jobs behave like the stepsisters in Cinderella.

Nowhere, and I mean nowhere, has this been more apparent than in the sly criticism of Mike Pence’s diligent faithfulness to his wife, and as an extension to his family and his community.

I dare to say that given their druthers, Bill and Donald’s family would have benefited from Pence’s honor rules.

So to call a man mysogynistic for honoring his wife seems to be a bellwether of the ice cream tantrum situation–better to call up down and left right than to report real objective news?

It seems that way.

The American public deserves better.  So does Pence.  If more men followed his rules, women in this country would be safer.

And as journalists in places like Russia and Mexico pay with their lives for their autonomy and journalistic integrity, ours have devolved into middle school bullies.

Slaughterhouse Delicacy

So. I gather from social media there is a trial going on.

Kermit Gosnell and his employees are on trial for a variety of interesting (and thoroughly ghoulish) crimes. What has struck most of us is how quiet this story is. Really? Obama’s taxes are more news-worthy than butchering live babies for profit?

I tracked down one late-breaking article and was amazed by the delicacy of the description. These people were in the business of murdering viable babies and the language is confined to the equivalent of an embroidery lesson. Snip? Snip what, pray tell?

Poor little ones. Even now their squalid murders are treated with a subtle linguistic delicacy. You may be sure their deaths were anything but a sewing lesson.

The article exonerates the employees of this “clinic” by claiming they could not find other jobs. I am positive that was a defense in post-war Europe. What to do when only Auschwitz is hiring?

Answers for hard questions

I force myself to ask a mixture of hard and easy answers–
Do you like scary movies?
Do you do puzzles
Mixed with
Where is your anger
He has a self-effacing way of saying he used to “act up”
This is a little like saying Mussolini used to be into public oratory
So I ask
How is your anger (anyway)?
He says his psychologist
Tells him he is letting it out
(like a Jack Russell terrier roaming the cul-de-sac?)
…When he does ordinary things

It is gone now
the subtext
I am always reading the subtext