Your own mother?!

He tells me in shocked terms that he has lost all his money. More to the point–his family has taken it. Fast. Five or six thousand dollars in under two months.

His mother has lied to him and taken his money. Ugh.

I have ambivalent feelings about what he tells me–I don’t believe anyone should let him babysit. I want to believe he can change. I tell him I will always be your mother, you will always be my kid.. But I still want to tell the people around him–watch out, he can do devastating things.

A judge
A state
A juvenile system
A bunch of elected officials
And two complete communities, two complete families…well, dozens, really, have told me shut up.

But the children…who will protect these children?

Our conversation and my mother’s role in supporting him unequivocally raises issues of intense grief for me.

He is a convicted pedophile and she has given him support and encouragement.

I am her daughter and she has rejected me since I was a young child. It is hard to face the comparison and it is painful to acknowledge the way she sees me.

I run to God.

I run to this Parent who will not leave me. And because He refuses to abandon me, I know He sticks with all of us–our misshapen, sin-harmed souls so far from home, so close to the Cross that saves us.

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