Joe Stalin’s Sunday School Teacher

When Lee Harvey Oswald was 14 he read a pamphlet denouncing the Rosenbergs’ execution. He reported later that it was this pamphlet that stirred his interest in communism.

You could argue that the Rosenberg execution was responsible for the murder of JFK.

I used to have a theory that there is always someone who stands in the path of evil. I called this theory “Joseph Stalin’s Sunday school teacher” because I had read that he had been exposed to Christian education when he was young.

I thought–what if one of his teachers had been able to show him Jesus? What if the love of God had changed his life when he was still young?

Yes. I know. It did not play out that way. And yet I believe still in the dangerous power of interventionist love.

And the even more dangerous power of fear. Love is nothing if not courageous.

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