Do you care about Charish Periwinkle?

The story is unbearable. You want to look away. Not read it. Unthink it. Yell to the hapless mother–if he fricking wants to buy the kid a snack he can bring it to her in a to-go bag!!!!

You want to just write the story off–idiot mother!

I say this because I was the idiot mother. Now I am the nearly-friendless mother. I don’t have a social life because too often I have told the story of how I trusted an honor roll high schooler with my kids and it cost us.

I want to make a bet with you–

If you have kids you trust them around someone you shouldn’t. Whether you want to face it or not: we all know pedophiles.

They don’t all resort to murder, but they all kill. They kill innocence and communities and faith.

Whatcha gonna do about it? Go get a snow cone? Read about North West?

How about not calming down? How about making some noise? If the flipping NSA can troll the net for terrorists shouldn’t they throw a few tax dollars at keeping a 9 year old safe from the bad guys they already know about?

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