What my daughter said about abortion

Let me say this: if my adopted children had been aborted my daughter would have had a normal life. Yet there is not a soul in our lonely little family who thinks that was the answer. Every life has value.

I read my daughter my last post. When I froth at the mouth I know I need an editorial opinion.

She said this–

I think of nature shows I have seen. Elephants will grieve over lost babies. A mother elephant will mourn over the body of her baby born too young to live. Her family-mothers, sisters, aunts, will gather around her and pick up the bones and touch them to remember her–the little one missing.

It seems like people are celebrating killing off babies. It also seems like people cover their guilt by calling it a fetus, not a baby, so they don’t have to picture a living thing that they are killing.

5 thoughts on “What my daughter said about abortion

  1. I don’t think anyone is celebrating killing off babies. I think people are celebrating that a woman has control over what stays in her own body, up to a certain point, and therefore her own present and future within the culture that surrounds her. There should always be a “health of the mother” clause, especially in dire circumstances, but even before it becomes dire and looks as if it will be. There should be an early pregnancy choice, as well, IMO. And then, I think a massive cultural and political sea-change in how we value and support pregnancy prevention [imagine me listing them all out here] and then support mothers, babies, and families [oh, such a long, long list of what we don’t but could do] would nearly eliminate the so many reasons why girls and women abort.

    We’re a pretty hostile country compared to many others of even less economic strength.

    I think we can do a lot to shift abortion and teen pregnancy statistics around, but we’re just too darn stupid / greedy / selfish / judgmental to really want to do it.

    • I see too few of us grieving over this. It is easier to push the “right to choose” abortion than face the stories of those who do and why.

      Twenty years ago there was some talk of making abortion “rare” now we act as though it is our God-given-right, God-damn-it!

      It can be one or the other but not both.

      • Yes, I agree. But I do not in any way think that criminalizing abortion is the way to go. I think that the political forces that shape the way we talk about certain issues in public need to make MASSIVE changes to the entire political landscape of pregnancy prevention, health care in general, and support for humans from cradle to grave. The organized “pro life” groups (from churches to FOF peeps) need to jump on these corollary bandwagons with the full force of their collective vigor and zeal, but they do not because they’re in bed with the GOP who’s in bed with… well, you can follow that thread.

        I do think that the “pro choice” contingencies–at least at the community levels and even at a larger-scale institutional level–do a better job of promoting policies of health and well-being overall. At the moment, the “pro-life” political forces, especially, are a bit of a politico-ethical Frankenstein.

        Maybe we can learn something from the Swiss.


      • Frankenstein eh? Interesting allusion to apply to a diverse group of people dedicated to protecting babies

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