Is More Better? Polyamory and the Murder of Alanna Gallagher

Okay….this seems like it should be bigger news than it is.

While I appreciate everyone’s efforts to validate this family’s decision to pursue a polyamorous relationship, I just keep thinking about my latest parenting theory gone bust–

We have resident barn swallows who are very protective of their young. Sometimes the family consists of mom, dad, and babies, but sometimes there is an additional parent–presumably a second adult male.

All the parents are very attentive. I admit I have envied them a bit–thinking that, quite frankly, adult male sexual partners are a pain in the a…, but a super-attentive manny would be nice.

The police seem to be at a dead end in solving the brutal murder of a little girl, but one thing is sure–all three of Alanna Gallagher’s “parents” failed her utterly.

She would have been better off with the barn swallows.

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