I love sunshine, in fact the sun was a major factor in our decision to move to Texas years ago.

I love the sun.


The drought in Texas has been bad, really bad–historic bad for years.

Farmers lost crops.

Ranchers sold their cattle.

Trees died.

It has been bad.

So the presence of rain in any quantity has been a blessing meriting worship. I made a deal with God to thank Him publicly for any rain. I got the easy part of the deal. I always do with Him.

So the beautiful, steady rain has been this wonderful reminder of God’s blessing and grace. Even more so knowing that

He sends the rain on the just and the unjust.

I figure we are all unjust. So that would mean the rain falls on Jesus and the rest of us.

That is God for you. He rains blessings only Jesus deserves on all of us.

And in return we should not miss the parable of the drought–if we live in the absence of the Spirit of God, our lives will be dry, barren indeed.

Let justice flow down.
Let Jesus reign.

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