12 years a slave

At the risk of exciting the attention of the NSA or the IRS, I am not impressed with “justice” and “diplomacy” in recent years. The decisions at the federal level seem to be so politicized and capricious as to render the term “justice” moot.

Kenneth Bae is languishing in North Korea for being a tour guide and Obama has done nothing to help him.

Similarly the DOJ has failed to do its job in defending federal laws if those laws get in the way of either the nefarious antics or political disposition of the POTUS.

That is not how it is supposed to work, of course, and a rare show of basic decency the SCOTUS has told Holder to respond to a German family being persecuted for homeschooling.

I admit I am doubtful they will do the right thing and let this family stay. But it is time for us to face the truth: this administration has done harm to its citizens and the cause of justice by not acting.

Ignoring injustice is a fine means of promoting it.

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