Tad Costin, Julia Lack, and the diminishing language of evil

A story developing out of Houston is so evil that I have opted to skip links: a man used his connection to in-home daycare for single parents to rape very young girls.

His pornographic model girlfriend may have helped him make videos. So far she has been charged with possessing child pornography.

It is a lurid story with the potential for hundreds of victims, many of whom would have been saved from this predator if he had been properly charged and convicted when he was caught sexually assaulting a young girl a few years ago.

The charges in that case were dropped, leaving him free to rape countless other little girls.

It further disturbs me that the language associated with the young victims is very dehumanizing.

The official legal statement refers to the victims as “young female children.”

Another site refers to the videos of the rapes of little girls as “material with minors.”

When you can’t call unfiltered evil evil, you definitely don’t have the guts to fight it.

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