Dear Mr. Educational Opportunity


First and foremost–thanks!!

I have been concerned about rising education costs and when Wendy Davis said

Every Texan deserves the educational opportunities I had.

I thought, amen sistah!

Well all I had to do was look up her bio and I figured out she was talking about you.

I am not sure about Ms. Davis, but man, you are the real deal–you took out loans, cashed in retirement money, did a lot of schlepping, and some old-fashioned parenting. All so she could go to Harvard!

She is right, every Texan could use a you.

And I am glad she has put you out there as a resource. Only…only…

Well, I have a few questions about the education you got for her.

For instance vocabulary.

Today Ms. Davis said “innuendo” when she talked about some of the discrepancies in her bio. I am pretty sure she meant to say “truth,”…

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