Extending the Scope of “Soulless” to the Living

Make no mistake: the guy is worried about money.

And so are a lot of other people.

We live in a country where our most powerful democratic officials dispose of the innocent and medically fragile with great ease and increasingly callous language.

But these same officials urge us to believe that dangerous, violent offenders can be treated as harmless simply with the passage of time.

It takes money to raise a child.

It takes money to sustain life.

And it takes money to protect the innocent from criminals.

And because we do not want to spend this money we are extending the language of death to the living.

With monstrous consequences.

When ordinary people who pride themselves on their intelligence and compassion promote tenuous, highly subjective medical definitions that would have been unthinkable 10 years ago they are furthering a calculated agenda of regulating human worth and civil rights on fiscal policy.

The living have become “soulless” indeed and the “death panels” are here to stay.

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