A Letter to Cersei

I did not watch the depiction of your “fictional” rape, I hold that these depictions hurt real victims of rape and incest. And make no mistake–the real victims are all around us.

So forgive me if I address you as “real.” You are real to me because friends and relatives of mine are the victims of both rape and incest. Most shared their stories because I shared mine–

My daughters were molested by a person they considered a brother. By adoption, by a terribly misplaced trust he was…their brother.

And he abused this trust.

The lurid depiction of rape and incest for the purpose of making money, selling ad space, and entertainment is not ok. Never ok.

And if you were real this is what I would tell you–

Love protects.

Love covers and defends.

Love never violates trust.

And love demands justice, truth, and protection for the survivors of incest.

If you were real I would tell you call the police. Go to a doctor. Call me. I will be there through this nightmare of broken trust.

No one should view rape as entertainment. Ever. And what a terrible measurement of us, all of us, that we would tune in for your “fictional” rape and tune out to all those around us who are haunted by the grief and loneliness and pain caused by these real crimes in our so-broken world.

4 thoughts on “A Letter to Cersei

  1. Yes, rape should not be projected as a source of entertainment. Though there are several references in the series to such events, i hope the GOT team thinks of this as a platform to display the misery of a women that has not changed since ancient era, how men treat women and what they consider them. I have empathy for you. And at the same time this post makes me respect you and women like you who stand up for what is right against what is wrong.

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