Justice for Clayton D. Lockett?

Most states don’t apply the death penalty to average joes.


It usually takes doing something pretty rough to warrant a death sentence.

And yet the barrage of articles peppering the Internet seem to focus on the horror of a botched execution rather than the nightmarish crime it represents:

A teenage girl was abducted, brutally raped and murdered by a group of men. The last hours of her life had to have been hell.

But now, more than a decade later she is all but forgotten as we examine the death of one of her tormentors?

Why not put it to a simple test. Ask yourself this: whose death story would you prefer to endure–Lockett’s or Stephanie Michelle Nieman’s?

2 thoughts on “Justice for Clayton D. Lockett?

  1. Sheesh, this is a tough one. Lockett is nothing more than a human piece of crap. I have ZERO sympathy for him. He died an easy death. A lot better than his victim and better than most. I hope that he’s had his conversation with God and is low living in the land below. This is very sad because Stephanie could have made a difference in this world. She could have discovered the vaccine to prevent cancer or became the first woman President. She may have given her parents grandchildren. Or maybe not. But, it wasn’t Lockett’s choice to take the possibility away. He received better than he deserved. He confessed and should accept his punishment. He didn’t deserve his life…..at all. I hope that Stephanie’s family have found their justice. I wish they didn’t need to find it.

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