Methinks the Bryan Singer doth protest too much

I got the jist of the accusations against Bry Singer and others by a man who claims they abused him as a teen.

Now I just marvel at the adjectives–Singer and the others use words like “vicious” when they decry what appears to be merely a legitimate and properly filed strain on the democratically appointed federal justice system.

“Vicious” is a word best reserved for egregious crimes like the abuse of children, not a rather bloodless and well-governed law suit.

Singer and the other defendants in this case remind me of a real-and-true child abuser I know. His go-to response to allegations of abuse?

He starts swearing and threatening. And never, never discusses whether he had the motive and opportunity to abuse his alleged victims.


Vicious is when you rob and defraud a child of their trust and childhood.

Anything else is just a question of the law and money.

The law…

And money.

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