The Children’s Crusade

Are they insane?!

That was my first and unwavering reaction to the very quiet news that tens of thousands of minors are being transported and dumped illegally on our southern border.

And the administration’s response is simply to let them stay?

There are several profound issues here–

Parental consent and supervision

Apparent lack of any interest in arresting the criminals capitalizing on and exploiting these minors

The disturbing implications of labeling a potentially felonious 16 or 17 year old “a child” and giving him a free pass to stay or…

The open and volatile question–are young children being trafficked across our borders with the tacit endorsement of the current?

Each of these minors are at risk for exploitation by their coyotes.

Good people do not smuggle children for profit.

And last of all–this is a huge issue. Why would it ever be less newsworthy than bad movies and celebrity rumors?

What is wrong with us that this does not matter?

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