It has troubled me for some time that in Texas people are legally allowed to kill human beings and use their tiny, defenseless body parts for “science.”

But the two people with the courage to infiltrate and expose this science-fiction level atrocity were indicted by a Harris County grand jury for using fake IDs.

So to recap–fetus harvesting: legal 

Fake IDs: a big deal

Or are they?

I spend way too much time listening to Texas teens brag about their fake driver’s licenses to believe that we in Texas are suddenly cracking down on forged driver’s licenses.

In fact, I wish we were. 

But in the case against the brave people from The Center for Medical Progress the prosecution is selective, punitive, and political.

In fact, one has to wonder how many of the grand jurors in this case have ever owned or used a fake ID?  How many of their children are using them now?

These are far simpler, easier questions to ask than how many Texas mothers have allowed their own children to be carved up, evacuated from their wombs, then bought for “science” while the rest of us hide behind the now meaningless phrase “everything they did was legal.”

In Texas.

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