When words fail

Poetry or prose.  

For the last three weeks I have had hives. Still have hives.  I have sifted words in and out of how this feels and each time all words have come up short.  They do not stop the itch. Like quack doctors, snake oil salesmen, or phone-a-gypsy psychics they play at reading my palms then leave me with no…


No remedy

No salve for my slowly metamorphic 

reptilian skin.

So I threaten them with silence or just undoing their fragile orthographic pieces unbending bes and esses into straight black lines

Because from geometry we know

Lines go on forever (in either direction)

Moving away from the itchy round helpless

Woman who once loved them

Out to the ends of time and light

To the place where God 

hears our wordless


3 thoughts on “When words fail

  1. Okra harvesting? My mom developed rash- hurt-burn itch from this activity. She has sensitive skin. Unrelated-she also has (for years) ongoing flares of numular eczema. Everything she wears has to be cotton or mostly and she has a cream. Hubby has a patch of “skin metamorphasis” for over a year that flares with stress. Chlorine is a possible culprit, too. They keep putting more of it in the water to kill stuff. Chlorine reacts with other things (clothing we wear) in water and makes them more irritating. College daughter inflated part of a river raft /inner tube with her mouth, as we do many times, and she broke out in severe hives and had to go to ER. It was crazy! Perhaps rubber latex allergy? Inhaled ? because it also impacted her joints and lungs. She can sit in tube and has no problem. This year seems to be the Summer of Hives! Just some thoughts. You probably already know lots about possible causes. SOOOOO Sorrry about this!

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