Luke 17:33 NIV

[33] Whoever tries to keep their life will lose it, and whoever loses their life will preserve it.

For a year I have called people like Archimedes or my own dear children badass because they are but also because of Tara Badamo whose voice was always husky and calm when she talked to me, who told stories with vivid pieces, who was still young and pretty when she died who once called herself and the father of her children badasses to signify that the children in question had come by it honestly.

Honestly I miss her.  Want to take words like stones and shore up the well of grief.  Grief for her might-have-been.

But I won’t write letters to the dead.  Why should I?  They can hear us clearly from there, thank you very much, where they sit at the table in God’s kitchen

Willing all the fairy tales they tell to have

happily ever afters

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