We went to two concerts last year. One was at Whitewater Amphitheater and the other was at the Majestic in San Antonio.

While Whitewash was not bad, we were told that we could not bring in blankets or toys and we were searched at the gates. The people working there were actually helpful, but the excessive restrictions were oppressive.

By contrast, the Majestic concert was amazing. I realized that being treated as a valued and valuable guest made the Majestic a place I wanted revisit, while I will avoid concerts at Whitewater.

Believe it or not, this is not actually about venue policies.

I composed a several sentence reply to new, additionally restrictive policies at WA, then deleted it. Because I probably won’t go back, I just emailed them, why?

And suddenly that one small question meant the world to me. Sometimes silence is a form of cowardice, but this time it was power.

As soon as I sent my why I realized it applied to all the unanswered questions I had about far bigger questions than why Whitewater Amphitheater won’t sanction me bringing in a purse, a blanket, or a deck of cards to a concert I have to pay to attended.

I never have to go there again. They need to prove to me that they understand my value.

Not the other way around.

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