Breast-…wait for it

This was years ago. We were at a Christian summer camp and two of the camp nurses took me aside and chastised me for nursing (under a nursing shield) in sight of campers.

They said I needed to retreat to a bathroom so as not to…offend people.

I find this story itself replete with ironies, but none more than this–

The camp is connected to a chain of stores that sells inappropriate magazines at the checkout stations.

I contacted the headquarters to complain–no one should have to run a gauntlet of trashy magazines to buy milk. I kept the emailed response–

at least it was not frontal nudity.

The media rep responded.

Our society has a serious disjunct. Get coeds to tart your wings in skimpy outfits? Hurray for capitalism and feminism! See a woman discreetly nursing a child? Be offended!

God forbid we should use our breasts in public…wait for it…for the one completely life-giving thing they were designed to do.

2 thoughts on “Breast-…wait for it

  1. Right on, power to the breast(feeding mother)! I consider myself a bit prudish, but when it came to feeding my baby under a nursing cover, nope. Glad my husband supported me–in fact, I don’t think he ever considered otherwise. Otherwise I’d have been hiding in the bathroom all day. How not fun is that? (PS: personally, I don’t think of wing-tarting as being in the least bit feminist. The opposite.)

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