What makes you mad?

Twice today I encountered people who expressed their extreme annoyance at service people.

The first situation involved late food and lukewarm fries and the second involved prescriptions at a pharmacy.

The workers of the world were having a tough day.

I was struck by the gumption it takes to tell a stranger off.

Which led me to remember who we do not confront:

When was the last time you berated a pedophile? When was the last time you raised your voice against a rapist? When was the last time you made a stink about child abuse?

I ask because over the last few years I have watched a lot–lots and lots of people be very polite to some pretty bad men.

It seems to be easy to rant at a waiter or pharm tech, but much, much harder to confront real evil.

…at some point, being so very polite to evil might be a sin of its own. A grievous sin of omission.

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