Pictures in the wind

I have a tennis ball, Gatorade bottle top, and an ailing succulent in front of my house.

For three very different reasons I will need to move them soon.  I haven’t yet because I am lazy.

Lazy, and prone to markers in the wind.

Leaves fall and God says I love you.

Rubber bands, hair bands, flossers, and pennies are flotsam God sends to us in the unlikeliest of places–I love you.

Considering that we are puny and mean and He is the God of the infinite universe, His extravagant love notes are bewildering and lovely.

People can be love notes as well.  The baby singing in the car, children building sand castles, anyone doing anything brave and true–I love you.

Do you know He loves you?  Do you look for signs of Him in the world?

To paraphrase the famous conversation from The Count of Monte Cristo–even if you don’t believe in Him, He believes in you.

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