Protecting the guilty?

Viola Davis has recently joined the long list of celebrities who have spoken out against sexual assault–rape, often in the context of their own victimization.

I could write a list of the men and women who have helped other victims by speaking out as sexual assault survivors.  I could not give you a list of the names of the perps.


The ongoing controversy surrounding abuse allegations made by Corey Haim before his death gives us some clues–

  • Victims are often related to their perps
  • The perp has power in the community
  • Fear of exposure 
  • Fear of legal action

And yet if we are honest, we all have a list–the creepy uncle, the duplicitous coach, the father who harms his own child, a neighbor, a brother-in-law, a once-beloved actor.  People we know abused someone because that someone said so, maybe at great personal cost, maybe with no positive protection of the law.

Keeping silent about predators gives them freedom to continue to abuse.  

So here, a name–

My adopted son is short, overweight, ginger, born February of  1994.  Last I heard he worked at the automotive center at a Walmart in Kansas City, KS. His name is Charles Allen Lee.

He has sexually abused very young children.  He has exhibited cruelty toward animals.  He can be very persuasive and does not tell the whole truth.

And if you asked him about me?  If you ask him about me he will tell you I just bring the drama.

And if you ask him about him?  He will not tell you the whole truth.

…because the whole truth is…


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