Wendy Davis and the Invasive Procedure

A British news source recently reported that Wendy Davis wore a catheter during her windy harangue in Austin.

The rules of filibuster are ancient and meant to be challenging. So it is intriguing that Ms. Davis chose to saddle up with what many in health care would call an invasive procedure.

The simple fact remains: ultrasound is a boon to expectant mothers everywhere. How dare Davis thwart the rules of filibuster to fight against a majority vote on the legitimacy of human life?

Davis has continued to ignore my voice here in Texas–as a child advocate and mother, but if she did give me a minute of her time I would ask her where I can send those tiny, empty, pink sneakers?

And then I would say–

Learn to hold your bladder like a big girl, sistah, or relinquish the podium to a real woman who can.

2 thoughts on “Wendy Davis and the Invasive Procedure

  1. Filibuster rules:
    “in Texas; to filibuster there, not only do you have to stand and talk continuously with no toilet break (as is standard custom), but you cannot eat, you cannot lean or prop on anything, no one can aid or help you in any way, and you must must must stay on topic at all times.

    If you break any of these rules you get a strike. Three strikes, you know what happens.

    Given that the umpire was essentially a member of the opposing team, the unyielding … application of rules meant Davis got her first strike for talking about the planned parenthood budget (ruled not germane to the topic of abortion); her second came at 7.27pm after eight hours of talking, when a colleague helped re-adjust a back brace (no pain, no filibuster); and her third and final strike came at 10.07pm, when Republicans stood to appeal against her discourse on sonogram law.

    As the chair called third and out on this last Republican pitch, pandemonium broke out in the chamber. Hundreds of supporters sitting in the gallery began screaming and shouting, while fellow Democrats started tactical delays. Between the two they generated enough chaos to prolong the vote until after the midnight deadline.”

    Wendy Davis’ voting record:

    Be clear about what the sonogram is for. You do not need a sonogram to know what the fetus has going on at different weeks of development. Medical science knows pretty well what is and is not happening to a fetus from week to week. The sonogram is therefore invasive because it serves no medical purpose. Need to go about this in a different way.

    • If someone needed special goggles to see your humanity or they would kill you, would you want them to wear their goggles?

      And did you have ultrasounds with your kiddos? Onerous? Invasive? “Wand rape?”

      Idk–I still remember and prize mine…

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