Wendy Davis and the Invasive Procedure

A British news source recently reported that Wendy Davis wore a catheter during her windy harangue in Austin.

The rules of filibuster are ancient and meant to be challenging. So it is intriguing that Ms. Davis chose to saddle up with what many in health care would call an invasive procedure.

The simple fact remains: ultrasound is a boon to expectant mothers everywhere. How dare Davis thwart the rules of filibuster to fight against a majority vote on the legitimacy of human life?

Davis has continued to ignore my voice here in Texas–as a child advocate and mother, but if she did give me a minute of her time I would ask her where I can send those tiny, empty, pink sneakers?

And then I would say–

Learn to hold your bladder like a big girl, sistah, or relinquish the podium to a real woman who can.

Still haven’t heard from the senator from Ft. Worth…

Dear Senator Davis,

I still have not heard from you (which is strange). You said that you wanted to hear stories about abortion provisions in Texas. You said…and correct me if the national media got this part wrong…

That you were standing for women’s rights in Texas? I am waiting for my right to be heard.

Please let me know where I can send these small pink sneakers. Your office address is fine, I just want to know that you will receive them.

See, that is the difficult part for me–you have said you are listening and standing and representing, but are you listening to women like me? Are you standing for all of us?

The abused? The abandoned? The unwanted?

It’s just a tiny, adorable pair of baby shoes, right?

The feet they are missing. They are so small.


Elea Lee

All Those Tiny Pink Sneakers

Scattered in the chaos of my house there are pictures of my children–very small, grainy images of each of them when they were smaller than a dollar bill.

Small, but priceless.

So why would requiring a woman to see pictures of her baby be such a big deal?. Because unlike me, some women don’t treasure these reminders of their tiny children.

The truth is that in many countries including the United States sonogram is already a part of the abortion decision. Women wait until the gender of their developing child is evident in the picture and then they terminate the little girl.

Thank you, Ms. Davis, for the graphic reminder of all we are losing.

And the eroding rights of women–especially the really small ones. Here in Texas and all over.