Wendy Davis and the Invasive Procedure

A British news source recently reported that Wendy Davis wore a catheter during her windy harangue in Austin.

The rules of filibuster are ancient and meant to be challenging. So it is intriguing that Ms. Davis chose to saddle up with what many in health care would call an invasive procedure.

The simple fact remains: ultrasound is a boon to expectant mothers everywhere. How dare Davis thwart the rules of filibuster to fight against a majority vote on the legitimacy of human life?

Davis has continued to ignore my voice here in Texas–as a child advocate and mother, but if she did give me a minute of her time I would ask her where I can send those tiny, empty, pink sneakers?

And then I would say–

Learn to hold your bladder like a big girl, sistah, or relinquish the podium to a real woman who can.