Will there be justice for Alanna Gallagher–the girl in a tarp?

I have been waiting for news about Alanna Gallagher, and now I know her name.

Her body was found bound and nearly naked in a tarp dumped on a suburban street.

The children who found her thought she was discarded trash.

The person who did this to her treated her like garbage. Worse than garbage.

Her name and precious little face add further dimensions to a brutal murder. I am grateful that there is a reward for information and I am grateful that the FBI is involved, but I have to raise my usual lament–

A beautiful child was tortured and murdered and she is not news to you, to us, to our country.

The truth is our country is accustomed to the brutal murders of children. What’s one more?

What’s one more to you?

You gonna do something about it? Are the women of Texas? Is Wendy Davis?

When one human life is devalued, so are all the rest.

At the Saginaw Intersection

The last article I posted was heartbreaking–this blog post gives more information and is unbearable.

No one should treat another human being with that kind of savage cruelty.

All we have to look for a–a red truck with a paint splotch.

So start looking. This little girl deserves justice. The children who found her will need help to carry this terrible memory.

And none of us are safe.

All Those Tiny Pink Sneakers

Scattered in the chaos of my house there are pictures of my children–very small, grainy images of each of them when they were smaller than a dollar bill.

Small, but priceless.

So why would requiring a woman to see pictures of her baby be such a big deal?. Because unlike me, some women don’t treasure these reminders of their tiny children.

The truth is that in many countries including the United States sonogram is already a part of the abortion decision. Women wait until the gender of their developing child is evident in the picture and then they terminate the little girl.

Thank you, Ms. Davis, for the graphic reminder of all we are losing.

And the eroding rights of women–especially the really small ones. Here in Texas and all over.