Charlize Theron’s Rape Comments

Let us be quite clear:

The only thing like being raped is actual sexual assault. Rape is defined by the FBI in clear terms and our society often openly thwarts dialogue about the tolerance of and open acceptance of many of the categories of rape.

Getting your picture taken because you have rich-and-famous career or lifestyle is not rape or anything like it.

Rape victims are marginalized.

Rape victims are forced into involuntary sexual contact and then often revictimized by a lack of justice.

Rape victims are not glamorized, idolized, or over-compensated.

When famous actors whine about the exposure they have voluntarily garnered as a function of the career they have freely chosen and compare this scrutiny to a devastating crime it is offensive and insensitive.

These people use words to make a living. Perhaps they should start choosing those words more wisely.