Locker Room Obscenities

Inside the camera frame men laugh about bartering girls as sex slaves.

Where are these men now?

Where are their victims?

Is there a Mendelian trait for “monster?”

It is easy to focus on the unfamiliarity of words

They use

For the blue or green eyes

of their victim

But locker rooms are locker rooms

everywhere because

the god of lust and violence has so many

F*cking clothes in his f*cking closet

Keyon Dooling,0,5441679.story?track=rss

I am interested in the language of this article. Dooling admitted? How about revealed or detailed or spoke of? The Times writer’s use of the wordadmit reveals the strong (and erroneous) stigma attached to the victims of sexual abuse.

Dooling is telling us in no uncertain terms that the strongest, fastest, tallest members of our society are the routine and silent victims of sexual abuse.

We need to admit that we are failing to protect children. We need to admit that the silence and the stigma hurts us all.