Juror B37

The money quote from a middle-aged white lady in Florida:

“she did not think the shooting was racially motivated and that Zimmerman would have reacted the same way to someone of any race.”

C’mon people tell me you understand why that is freaking scary.

Not just for Trayvon.
Not just for his gated community.
Not just for Florida.
But for all of us–his neighbors.

A Word for Trayvon

My heart aches for Trayvon’s family. A guilty verdict would not have summoned him back.

That is what a parent wants when their child dies.

They don’t care where the jewelry came from, they go over and over and over everything that happened… they wish they could have a do-over.

A do-over: keep Zimmerman’s ass in the car…convince the boy to stay home and play a video game…something…something that would have kept him alive.

No jury can do that. No judge can raise the dead.

Which is one more reason for all of us to mourn.